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College Coed Cuckolding Phonesex

Cuckolding Phonesex
When you think of cuckold phonesex, do you only think it’s for older married couples, who are looking for something new?
Well, sure, I know that when I’m married and bored, I’ll still be fucking bbc, but this barely legal coed has a fetish for fucking big black cock, no complaints here!
My boyfriend came up to visit me at college, I knew he was coming, but he was sort of vague, what did he expect to happen when this snow bunny is surrounded by a bunch of bull cocks?
I was on my knees, tits and ass out, just deep throating that bbc, getting loud because I’m sort of a screamer when I cum, and this bull was fucking me just the way I can’t get enough of, hard, raw, bareback, and all of a sudden, guess what?
He stopped in mid thrust and said he heard a car, but I’m in the city, lots of cars coming and going, but then, we both heard my apartment door open, and he started to pull his cock out of me.
You think I’m going to stop fucking bbc just because my boyfriend walks in?
Oh no, nothing gets in the way of this snow bunny fucking black cock!
I laughed and told him don’t even think about stopping with that magic chocolate cock, I need it!
You see, I may be young, but I get it from my Mama, she taught me that a girl needs two things, a big black cock to fuck and a wallet to pay all her bills, which is why I always fuck black men but date white men.
And my boyfriend looked a little shocked, but did he do anything?
Only thing that cuckold did do was take out his cock and stroke while he watched his girlfriend fuck black cock!
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