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Cum Eating Instructions Phonesex with Busty College Coed Tammy

Cum Eating Instructions Phonesex

Cum Eating Phone Sex, can you think of anything you’d rather be doing right now?
It’s time to eat your own cum with a very busty college coed!
So many men call me and whisper that they are secretly curious about what cum tastes like, their own jizz or someone elese’s!
Not sure what CEI Phone Sex is?
It’s just what it sounds like, when you call me fore CEI Phonesex, I give you cume eating instructions, and I love to tell you just how to lick all the jizz up!
I love making you so hot, hard and horny, driving you crazy with my big tits, until you love being a sperm burper as much as I do!
And I have many ways to make you cum, just like you’ll make me cum to, right?
I am going to tell you how to get off, because I love playing with my bald pussy while you stroke for me, I want to know all about your cock, the same way you want to know about my bald kitty, let’s swap pics!
Do you like to take forever to cum, or do you get so excited from my sexy voice that you cum right away, let me know!
I love to edge, getting you closer and closer, knowing that you are aching for me, and that we are going to edge your dick for just a bit longer, or maybe even hours or days longer, isn’t that so hot?
Are you a shooter or a dribbler?
When you cum, do you nut like a volcano, your hot jizz oozing down the sides, so that I can have you slide your fingers over that pre-cum and then wipe it off so that you can lick it off your fingers for me?
Or do you ooze pre-cum, and then shoot it like a big explosion, so that I can have you aim for your mouth?
Do you want some cum eating instructions from me?
Call so we can cum!
1 888 378 4280 ex 124
Cum Eating Phone Sex is $20 for 10 minutes, $35 for 20 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $75 for 60 minutes, billed to your major credit card for all our cum eaters in America and Canada.
In the UK, you can get the best CEI Phonesex ever at 0983-939-2210 x 1575, the price per minute is £1.53 and the customer service number of 0203 3623009, billing to phone is available in the UK ONLY, and we do take all UK credit cards, discretely billed, as well as all UK credit cards.