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Interracial Cuckold Phonesex with Hot Wife Ash

Interracial Cuckold Phonesex
I’m Ash, I’m a hot wife, and I am into so many different kinky fetishes, but there’s something I always want to do with you.
Want to guess what my favorite past time is that always makes me wet?
When it comes to my very favorite past time, and all the sexy things we can have fun with, of course, I want to have some cuckold phonesex fantasies with you.
I may be new to the best cuckold phonesex blog ever, but I’m not new to interacial cuckolding, I’ve been a black owned snow bunny since forever, and once we connect, you will never get my pretty face, big tits, or sensual voice out of your mind.
Not only when we are playing, but also whenever you have a minute, at work, at play, but especially whenever you are with a woman, because we both know, you can never satisfy anyone with that little cock.
Are you in a cuckold marriage, like I am?
My loving cuck husband is the one who wanted me to openly cuckold him when we were dating, we didn’t know what it was called, he just wanted to see his trophy wife get fucked by a big black cock, like so many of my cuckold phonesex callers.
It started one night after the two of us had been out at a party together, he always got off when other men admired his sexy girlfriend, and never got jealous, just loved hearing how hot his wife was, and even when he’d over hear “I want to fuck his wife” he would get hard and want me to tell him over and over, about all the men who wanted to fuck his wife.
And then, we decided to become swingers, but for my husband, there’s no one sexier than his cheating wife, so he would sit and stroke, while I would fuck all the bbc that I could handle.
You’ve heard of wife sharing and wife swapping stories, I’m sure, but when it’s actually happening, it’s so hot, you won’t believe some of the tales I can tell you on a cuckold phonesex call.
If cuckolding turns you on as much as it does this hot wife, call me!
Just ask for me, Ash.
1 888 378 4280 ex 176
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