How Do I Get My Wife Into Cuckolding

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How do I introduce my wife to cuckolding?
If I had to guess, out of all the cuckold calls I get, this is one of the most frequently asked of me.
It’s so ironic to me that there’s such a taboo against a man having an unfaithful wife, when it’s such a turn on for so many, but that’s why it’s so taboo, isn’t it?
And I am sure your cuckold fetish started with you daydreaming and fantasizing about your wife with other men while you were going down on her cummy pussy, or wanting other men to enjoy your wife as much as you do, maybe watching her one day and thinking she’s just made for a big black cock, she’d love fucking mandingo dick!
The whole idea of introducing your wife to cuckolding in theory should be the easiest thing in the world, but that’s where so many cuckold go wrong, and why you need to keep on reading the best cuckold blog around.
If you as a husband were given permission to fuck any woman you wanted, as long as your wife knew about it, could watch, and even go down on your female lover, most men would be ecstatic, and think they had the best wife ever.
Oh, this is the entirely wrong approach, cuckold, trust me, I know all about introducing your wife to cuckolding.
This approach dovetails completely with how most women view marriage, that it’s sacred, sex is only between a husband and wife, and that bringing another partner in will only ruin the marriage to the point of no return.
And this is where your cuckold adviser comes in.
If you like, we can do a cuckold roleplay where I am your wife, and we run through all the different aspects of cuckolding, with the emphasis on the fact that cuckolding is done to make the female happy, as sexually satisfied as possible, and that your role as a loving cuckold is to facilitate this by being a cuckold fluffer.
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